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I can't believe school is winding down for the year.  I can see summer right around the corner.  
I am joining with some other bloggers in a linky party.  We have some useful tips to share and 2 amazing prize packages available.  I also have a surprise freebie for you at the end of my post.  So click away, enjoy the tips, and be sure to enter to win the fabulous prizes.  Remember the more entries- the more chances to win!
Class Helpers
Do you have classroom jobs that your students do daily?  I have always believed this was an important task for the kiddos to do.  They help me and it helps build community in the classroom.  For 21 of the 22 years that I have taught, I have had cute charts with 8 to 10 jobs listed on them.  I had to change the jobs out weekly, which was always a task I dreaded on Friday afternoons (in preparation for the next week). I had a recording chart to keep track of what jobs each child did so that I could keep it even.  This took my precious prep time changing and recording this each week.  
Last year I read a wonderful post on the blog A Teeny Tiny Teacher.   She had a great system for classroom jobs.  I knew I had found an answer to my dreaded Friday afternoon task!  
Instead of having weekly jobs for several children, one child is the helper of the day!  I changed to this system this year and I LOVE IT!  I call it Superhero of the Day because I have a somewhat superhero theme this year.  I enlarged and laminated a graphic of a superhero (thank you Krista Wallden!) and stapled it onto a board in my classroom.
I then made some small cards with the student's names on them (I also added blank cards to add new students during the year).
I stuck a pushpin into the board and added a ring to hang the names.
Oh my word!  Can we say FREEDOM!!!
I love this!  Each morning I flip the card to the next card and a helper is born!  This person helps me with any tasks (lunch count, passing out papers, line leader, etc.).  I love this system!  If it's a girl superhero, she chooses a boy to be the line leader of the boys all day.  If it's a boy- he chooses the girl line leader. The kids are great about reminding me to flip the cards (which happens quite often!). If someone is absent, I usually pick different helpers during the day for the different tasks.  The absent person loses their turn in the rotation because- "You miss school, you miss out!"
This system has been so freeing and easy!  The kids get to be a superhero once every 26 days (I have 26 students).  I have found the students really enjoy this system and believe me- THIS TEACHER loves it too!

Pocket Charts
Do you like to use pocket charts in class?  I like to use them for my groups that I run during math or ELA. I have a rack (it's a rolling clothes hanger that I bought on Amazon) with 2 large pocket charts hung back to back with O rings- one on each side.  I often pull this out and have kids working on both sides. 
One day right before school started last year, I was browsing through Target's dollar section.  I found a stack of small pocket charts.  I love a bargain and thought I'd figure out a way to use them.  I bought what they had left.  
During this same time I had asked my husband to make me an anchor chart hanger using PVC pipe. As I was explaining what I wanted, an idea popped into my head.  Why not also have him  make me hangers for my small individual pocket charts? It turned out to be a great idea!  He made me 4 of them and I have used them all year.  They have been wonderful for one or two students to use for an activity.  The hangers are holding up great, but the $1 pocket charts are showing signs of wear. I'll definitely replace them if I find them again this summer.

If you are interested in making these, here is what you'll need.  You might have to adjust the lengths depending on the size of the pocket chart you find (mine are 14 1/2" by 21").
1- 10 foot 1/2" schedule 40 PVC
6- elbows 1/2" schedule 40 PVC
2- tees 1/2" schedule 40 PVC.
You'll need to cut:
 3- 14 " lengths 
2- 22" lengths
4- 6" lengths 
He said he just put them together and didn't glue.  You can glue them, but it's not necessary.  When they were finished they looked a little ugly, so I asked him to spray paint them white for me (it covered up all the writing on the pipes). 
Learning Activities
I love to use any activity in my class that will keep the students involved. If they can be moving at the same time- perfect!  One way I accomplish this is with Scoot or Write the Room activities. I have made all kinds of them for different phonics patterns and even have several math ones. You can see them here:
If you haven't used these activities before, this is how to use them.  For Scoot, numbered activity cards are placed on each desk.  I place the cards in sequential order because the kids get too confused otherwise.  Students move from desk to desk recording an answer on a recording sheet.  I usually play Scoot whole class (my kids cheer when they know we're going to Scoot).  These same cards can be used as a Write the Room. For Write the Room, put the cards on the walls around the classroom.  I don't usually worry about these being sequential.  The kids travel around to the cards on the wall and record their answer in the box on their answer sheet that matches the numbered card.  I usually do this activity as one of my small groups during ELA or Math.  The kids have gotten really good about quietly walking around the room, reading the cards, and recording.  They love this activity also. 
Here are some pictures of them playing Scoot this week (with my new measurement Scoot game).

I bought enough clipboards for my class at Amazon a year or two ago.  They have held up quite well.  I think they were around $1 each.  We use them  A LOT!  
As an appreciation to teachers during this linky party, I made a Summertime Noun, Verb, Adjective Scoot game to give to all of you.  This will be a paid product in my store after the linky party, so don't delay in grabbing it!  I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. When I taught pre-school I would have a helper of the day too. It was so much better than the weekly swap-out. Now that I teach 5th grade I change the jobs monthly. This way the students get really good at their job and I am not constantly asking "who is the paper passer?"

    Quinnessential Lessons

  2. Hi Carol! Thank you for the great tips! I especially like your mini chart stands. Thank you for the dimensions. Maybe I will get some of those together this summer. I love hearing about how you got your name! Thank you for the freebies! I missed the big event, but I am glad that I found you!

    i Heart Second

    The Think Aloud Cloud

  3. Thanks Carrie! I really appreciate your comments. :-)