TpT Seller Challenge #1

Hi There!  I hope everyone is getting a lot of rest and relaxation so far this summer!  I have enjoyed not having to follow a set schedule AND getting to be a tiny bit spontaneous (this is not really my personality trait).

I have linked up with about a zillion (ok I exaggerate) other sellers to do a TpT Seller Challenge each week for 4 weeks.  Our challenge this first week was to redo a product of ours.  I knew right away which product I'd redo.  I redid my Plural Noun1 unit.  In the spring I created a second plural noun unit (one that covered spelling changes and adding -es).  I totally loved that unit.  After making it when I'd look at the first unit, I'd cringe inside.  I knew I needed to add to it and redo the cover.  Well, today was that day!

So- here it is!  I'm much happier with this cover, but I'm even happier with the extra activities I added.  You can see the unit here (it's on sale for 50% until Friday 6/19).  

If you're interested in my second plural noun unit- you can see that here:

I thought I'd sneak in a pic of my adorable granddaughter (and me).  She's a gymnast and I had the pleasure of visiting her new gym on Monday.

Have a great summer!

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