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I'm taking part in a fun little linky with Rachel at The Tattooed Teacher.  This is called Assess Me and it's a linky to get to know me.  So here goes:

I have been known to talk to myself- especially if I do something stupid!

I don't think I'm superstitious.  I remember my mom doing things like throwing salt over her shoulder or knocking on wood.  I definitely don't do those things (nor do I avoid black cats)!

I don't like to hear people crack their knuckles- it sounds like it would hurt!  I also think my (superstitious) mom told me that my knuckles would be huge if I cracked them- it worked for me!

I'm not hungry right at this moment- which is weird because I'm hungry a lot. 

No TV on- I do love my shows, but I'm not good with noise while I'm working on something else (I know- I'm in the minority!).

I have't showered today because it's early- I will shower- I promise!

I live in California- 3 hours from Disneyland- so yes, I've been there (more than once for sure, but not as  much as I'd like).

I wear glasses ALL.THE.TIME.- ick!!  I used to have perfect vision but when I hit my 40's I had trouble reading without glasses, so I got a prescription for reading.  Now, wouldn't you know it, I can't see that well in the distance without glasses!  I wear those progressive lenses or whatever they're called.  I went in and checked out laser surgery at one time, but it doesn't work as well with my prescription needs- so I saved the money and redid my kitchen instead.

I live in the same state (love California!!!), but not in the same town.

I hope you got to know me a little better,  You can check the other linkups by clicking below (and maybe join it yourself).

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  1. Hi Carol, my mom always told me the same thing about cracking my knuckles, haha. I am the same way when I am working, I need the TV off so I can concentrate, otherwise I find myself reading the same sentence over and over. My Hubby and I have California on our travel list. We have never been, but want to! Thanks for sharing, it was fun to learn more about you! :)