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It's Coming!

It's hard to believe it's already time to return to work.  I've had a great summer and I always feel refreshed and ready to return.  I truly think I couldn't continue to teach without this breather each year.  I love having a break from the crazy routine and being able to work at my own pace (I think most teachers are like me- we continue to work during the summer).  My room is close to being finished and I believe on August 19th I will be ready to greet my new cuties!

I love to buy the nice big deskplates from Really Good Stuff.  I've bought the most expensive ones the past few years and they are great.  They last me all year and they have lots of information on them for the kiddos.  I don't put these on the kids' desks until at least the 4th or 5th week of school.  The reason I wait is I like to get to know the kids and move them around until I find a perfect match for where they are sitting.  The big nameplates have adhesive on the back and can be moved, but it does cause them to lose a little bit of their stickiness in places (not a huge deal).

I need to have their names on desks from the first day (umm- hello, that's how I learn their names), so I have often bought inexpensive little nameplates where I hand write their names and tape on their desks.  This summer I decided to create an editable nameplate (I'm all about time saving).  I can type the kids names on them, print them out on cardstock, tape them down and BOOM- I'm ready!

I listed these nameplates in my store as a freebie.  If you'd like these, click below to be taken to my store where you can download them.

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Have a great Back to School!!

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