Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Boy, did those two weeks of Christmas Break go by quickly!   I had a great break.  Lots of family, resting, Hallmark Christmas movie watching, reading, & creating products.  I feel rested, recharged, and ready to head into the rest of the school year!  I don't know about you, but I don't think I could keep up the teaching pace without these breaks every once in a while.  I read somewhere that teachers do 12 months of work in 10 months!  This seems true to me (I work during the summer, as I'm sure many of you do also - so maybe I'm piling 13 months into 11 months).

I wanted to help you get back into the swing of work by highlighting some of my freebies I have in my store.  I know I love trying out buyers by the freebies they offer.  I also love sharing what I make!

One of my newest freebies is Hidden Math Facts.  My class loves these (I usually put one of these activities into each of my  phonics units- mot math, phonics :-)  ).
You just print, hand them a magnifying glass & let them search for math facts.  I have a paid unit of 15 pages of these in my store.  I made new pages for the freebie, so if you buy the paid unit, you'll not be getting the same pages as the freebie (this means you'll have 18 pages total if you get both).  I can pretty much guarantee your kids will love this!

Another freebie is my CVC phonics puzzle set.  This is a sample of the paid product and I pulled out a page of each short vowel sound.  You'll get 10 free puzzles in this set.  

My next newest freebie product was featured in a recent TpT newletter.  It's seasonal, but you can grab it for next year!  My class loved this and it really improved their understanding of tens and ones!

I have quite a few phonics units in my store.  These are  what I use in my classroom with great success.  I made a freebie for KN that gives some samples of the activities in my phonics units.  

I also love teaching sight words.  I have several games that I've made, but I felt like my kids needed some additional daily practice so I created a no prep pack of  printable pages for each word in Fry's first 100 words (I've also made different printables now for the second and third hundred Fry's words).  I have seen lots of improvement in my kiddos being able to read and write these words now. 

For any if the products, click on the pictures above to be taken to them in my store.  They are all free!!!  While you're there, take a look at the other freebies in my store.  Hopefully you'll find something you can use there! 

Happy New Year and may your first Monday back to work be painless and not exhausting!

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