Free for a Week

I am super excited that I have reached a personal milestone with my TpT store.  To celebrate, I am making one of my newest products free for a week!  It will be free from Sunday 2/21 through Saturday 2/27.  It's a parts of speech  practice with tasks cards and will go perfectly with a famous author's birthday that is coming in March!

Students can use these task cards in a center or you could use them as a Write the Room or Scoot activity.

 They read the sentences and circle what part of speech is underlined.
There are also 4 printables that you can use as review later.
If by chance you already bought this, please email me and give me your name and the date you purchased it and a different product for $5 or less and I will send it to you.  Please email me at

You can download the unit 
or click any of the pictures!

Thanks to all of my followers and buyers who have helped me accomplish this!!

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