Another Year in the Books and a Giveaway!

School's Out For Summer!

On June 2nd I closed the door to my classroom for summer break for my 23rd time.  I was ready for a break, BUT am really going to miss all my little cutie pies.  This was such a wonderful class this year.

We try to plan lots of fun activities during the last week (we actually only go 2 1/2 days during the last week).  On Tuesday afternoon afternoon we had a sprinkler party (this is a yearly tradition).  We turn on the sprinklers on the front lawn and let the kids run crazy though the water.  A good part of the front lawn is shady, which feels really great when it's almost 100 degrees outside!  We usually drag out a hose during this time to add to fun.  Right before the activity began, our custodian noticed the old spray thing-a-ma-ging was not working well.  You have to have a well-spraying thing-a-ma-ging to have any fun.  He hurried to the hardware store and bought a new one just in time.  As a side note- it was a beautiful shade of purple (insert a very happy face of me here :-)  ).  Something comes over me when I get that hose in my hand.  All the other teachers spray nice and gentle.  Not me!  I like to make them run and scream- all in good fun!  They like to tease me to get me to hunt them down spray them.  I guess I'm quite a sight because the secretary was watching me through the window and came out to take a picture of me .  I had no idea she did it until I received the picture in a text.  All in good fun!

The next day we have an awards ceremony which takes about one hour.  When we came back to our class I got out some containers of new playdoh.  The kids had a blast trying to spell words using the playdoh.  At the end I let them all take the container home with them.  They were so thrilled I almost thought I'd be awarded Teacher of the Year for doing it!

In the afternoon we emptied our desks and thoroughly cleaned them.

They always love this activity!
When the desks are all cleaned I do a "raffle" with all of the junk treasures I no longer have need of from  my cabinets.  They love this activity.  I pull out a Popsicle stick with a name on it & that person gets to go pick something to keep.   They love this!  I think we went through 6 rounds before everything is gone.  Great way to clean out cabinets!  I even throw some chocolate candy bars into the raffle.  Those always go first!

On the last day of school we always go to the little theater in our area.  We watch a movie, eat popcorn, drink soda.  FUN!  Well, it's fun until 50 of them have to go to the bathroom from drinking all of their soda.  
From the movie we are taken to a park near our school where we have a picnic (they all bring their lunches) and then they get to play, play, play!  The park is shady and it feels lovely.

This was one of my cuties after school in the after-school program.
I think the week of fun was a success!

Giveaway Time!


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