Contests to Enter!

It's been quite a while since I've written in my blog!  I can't believe that we're almost one fourth of the way through the school year! I've had lots of wonderful blog ideas swirling in my head- but somehow never sit down to write them.  Hopefully it'll get easier.

I want to let you know of some contest opportunities to enter to win some amazing prizes.
The first is a chance to win an Amazon gift card- $50!!!

I love Amazon and am never at loss for something to buy there!  Here are three things I purchased there this week.
I just got 6 new tablets for my classroom.  I already have one of these red dish drainers for the other six I have, but I felt like it would look less crowded to have another one for my new tablets.  These work great for storing them and charging them.  

I bought another set of these spinners.  I LOVE THEM!  These are so much better than using a paper clip and pencil.  I've had my other set for almost two years & they're very durable!

No comment needed- can a teacher ever have TOO MANY desktop file holders?
And NO- these are not affiliate links.

I could add a bunch more pics of recently purchased items from Amazon (let's not even start on books!).
Anyway- enter the contest now!  You could be the winner!

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Now- how about a chance to win a TpT gift certificate.  I know most of us could definitely use that!

You have an opportunity to win one of 4 gift certificates!  You could win a $50 or $25 one.  I'd be happy with either!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hopefully I'll be back sooner with a more exciting blog post- right now I'm still trying to keep my head above water!  Good luck on the contests!

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