Using Boom Cards in the Primary Classroom

To say that the last few years in education been crazy would be an understatement.  But, with all the crazy has come growth and new styles of learning.  One of my favorite new resources is Boom Cards. Here are some tips on how you can easily use Boom Cards in the primary classroom.

Boom cards like these are the perfect addition to the primary classroom and can be used for all sorts of learning activities.

So What Are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are task cards in digital form.  These digital task cards allow your students to practice important skills and concepts on any device.  Each task card is self-correcting which means that students can practice independently and get immediate feedback to guide their learning.  Boom Cards are perfect for in-class or virtual learning.  And most importantly, Boom Cards are fun and a great way to engage students in learning!

Place value Boom Cards like these help your students get in lots of math practice in centers, as independent practice, or even as homework.

Getting Started with Boom

Boom Learning is the home of Boom Cards.  To get started all you need to do is set up a free teacher account.  Boom Learning also offers a premium account with additional features like reports on students' activities.  But a free teacher account is all that is needed to get your students learning with Boom Cards! 
Setting up a Boom Learning account is easy and will provide your students with unlimited opportunities to practice skills like possessive nouns.

After adding the Boom Cards to your library, all you have to do is assign them to your students.  Boom Learning makes it easy to get the assignment to your students using the Boom platform or with a link.  It's easy to use and takes only a couple of minutes to get up and running with Boom Cards.  No joke, in less than 5 minutes your students can be learning with Boom Cards!

Boom Cards in Action

I think the best way to see what Boom Cards are all about is to show you!  That's why I created this short video to give you a glimpse into these fun and engaging activities.  This video uses my Place Value Boom Cards and my Ending Double Consonant Boom Cards.  You can see the many different opportunities to practice the target skill and just how fun and interactive these digital task cards are.  In the video, I also made mistakes on purpose so you can see how the student is informed of incorrect answers and prompted to try again.  

Fun with Boom Cards!

You can find Boom cards for a variety of language arts and math skills in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I love using Boom Cards to teach a wide variety of skills and keep learning feeling fresh and fun!

For example, if your firsties are learning how to read maps, try this fun set of Map Skills Boom Cards. The activities included in this deck focus on maps, the compass rose, cardinal directions, and how to use a map key. They're a great way to have children independently practice the things you're focusing on in your social studies lessons. 

Interactive Boom Cards like these math skills Boom Cards help your students understand important concepts with a game like feel to the learning.

Or, maybe you're working on possessive nouns in your grammar lessons. Not to worry - there's a Boom card activity for that too! In this Possessive Nouns Boom Card resource, children will practice identifying different types of nouns. The cards include audio directions as well as drag-and-drop features to help make this activity super engaging and support independent learning. This would be a great activity to use during center time as a follow-up to small group lessons. 

Boom Cards are also great for use alongside seasonal themes too! In the fall, I love to use these Apple Themed Cards that focus on teen numbers. In this deck, students will work with tens and ones in tens frames for numbers 11-20. They'll find the sum or find the missing addend of a number that is added to ten to make a teen number. There are 40 cards in this deck with 4 different activities, so you can count on high engagement from your students as they practice this skill! 

Get insome extra fun teen numbers practice with Boom Cards like these with a fun apple theme.

As you can see, Boom cards work for a wide variety of skills. I also love that they're simple for kiddos to use, and we can start working with them right at the beginning of the year and continue all the way through to the end! No matter what you're looking to target, there's a Boom card set for that! You can find all of my Language Arts Boom Cards and Math Boom Cards on TpT.

Pin this to your favorite classroom Pinterest board so you can quickly come back to find engaging and interactive Boom Cards for your students.

Looking for fun and engaging ways to get in more ELA and math practice your primary students will love? Using Boom Cards can help you give your students the practice they need with important skills you want them to master. From map skills to possessive nouns, these Boom Cards will be perfect for centers, independent practice, or even homework. You can be sure your students will have fun learning and practicing important skills this year using these fun and engaging Boom Cards. #thechocolateteacher #boomcards #boomcardsfortheprimaryclassroom

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