Teaching Plural Nouns with Gingerbread

One of my favorite memories as a child was making gingerbread cookies with my family during the winter holidays.  To this day, the smell will transport me back to the kitchen.  I love the whimsy of gingerbread men and gingerbread houses. Using a gingerbread theme is the perfect, festive addition to the classroom but with a lot less mess! Gingerbread activities are a fun way to engage your students in learning. These gingerbread-themed plural noun activities are fun, and interactive, and will have students mastering plural nouns in no time.

Use these fun Gingerbread themed activities to help when teaching plural nouns to your kiddos this winter.

Tips for Teaching Plural Nouns

1.  Start with the Rules

When teaching plural nouns, the rules are the perfect place to begin.  If your students are native English speakers then they will naturally speak the plurals without even realizing it.  However, the spelling of those plural nouns won't come quite as easily.  Thus, the rules!  Knowing when to add -s, -es, and -ies is the goal of teaching plural nouns.

Use a lift the flap activity like this for a fun and interactive way to help your students remember the rules when teaching plural nouns with Gingerbread

This lift-the-flap activity is a great one to use when teaching the rules.  This is a great foldable to add to an interactive notebook if you use one in your classroom.  If not, it easily works on its own too!  

Students can write the rule and some examples under each flap.  You can use the example words provided or let students write their own plural nouns under each flap based on the class lesson or discussion.

This interactive activity is a great way for each student to be actively learning during the lesson.  As you teach each rule, have students write the rule and examples.  By being actively involved during the teaching, they are more likely to remember what was taught.

2. Practice Applying the Rules

After learning the rules, students need lots of opportunities to practice them.  Hands-on center activities make great practice opportunities.  These plural noun clip cards will give students lots of practice in choosing the proper ending for a variety of plural nouns.  By adding a sticker or dot on the back of the card, you can mark the correct answer so that the activity will self-correcting for the students. 

Your students will love practicing applying the rules with these clip cards as you are teaching plural nouns with gingerbread this winter.

Students will look at the singular noun and then use that to help them choose the proper ending.  On each card, students will see the noun with all of the possible endings.  This helps students to build and practice the skill of "does it look right" in addition to applying the rules.  

You can also practice applying the rules by playing a game as a class.  Let students take turns saying a singular noun.  Then the class can respond by saying the plural noun.  You can do this in the form of a chant with students keeping a beat with claps or snaps, or you can do a round-robin, popcorn-style activity.

This activity makes a great warm-up or review of the rules.  Take this activity a step further by having the original student state the ending that was added to the noun.  

Challenge students to come up with nouns that have not been used before.  This not only gives them more practice applying the rules but also gets them really thinking about nouns!

Use this no-prep cut and paste activity as whole group work, partner work or even individual practice when teaching plural nouns with Gingerbread

Another great way to practice applying the rules is with this no-prep worksheet.  This cut-and-paste activity can be done whole class, or as part of a center. 

3. Bring it All Together

The final plural nouns craft activity is a great opportunity for students to show what they know.  

This craftivity is the perfect way for your students to show off their learning as you are finishing teaching plural nouns with Gingerbread.

This fun craftivity is a great way to assess what students have learned.  Students will write the plural form of a variety of nouns and display them inside this fun gingerbread house. A great conclusion to your plural noun practice with some holiday and gingerbread fun! Your students will love it and you will love knowing that they are learning important language arts skills.

If you've already taught plural nouns, use these gingerbread-themed activities as a great review.

You can find all of these gingerbread plural noun activities in my store at Teachers Pay Teachers. Be sure to check out these activities if you're looking for a fun and festive way to bring some holiday cheer to your classroom during grammar lessons!

Use these super fun and festive Gingerbread activities to help when teaching plural nouns this winter.

Save the Plural Noun Tips and Ideas

Not quite ready for plural nouns or gingerbread?  No problem!  Just pin this to your favorite classroom Pinterest board so you can come back when you are.

Teaching plural nouns doesn't have to complicated or boring with these fun and exciting Gingerbread-themed plural noun activities. Whether you are looking for no-prep worksheets, games, or even a fun craftivity, teaching plural nouns with Gingerbread is the way to go this winter. Your students will love the practice pages and you will love how easy these activities make it for your students to learn and understand plural nouns. #thechocolateteacher #pluralnouns #teachingpluralnouns #gingerbreadthemedactivities  #gingerbreadthemedELAactivities

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