3 Activities for Teaching Possessive Nouns

English rules and grammar aren't always fun to teach. However, that doesn't make them any less important. As teachers, we just need to find new and exciting ways to introduce the topics to our students. This is true for teaching possessive nouns as well. Although it's not a difficult concept, many students find it confusing. Today we are going to break it down as I share 3 activities for teaching possessive nouns. 

These activities for teaching possessive nouns are a sure fire way to help your students practice and master possessive nouns in fun and engaging ways they will love.

Possessive Nouns

We all know that possessive nouns are just nouns that show ownership of something. 

Add some fun and excitement to your possessive and plural noun unit this year with these fun and engaging activities your students are sure to love!
We add an 's or just a ' to show this. Simple, right? Not always. Students get possessive nouns and plural nouns confused very easily. 

The fact that both of them have an "s" at the end really throws them for a loop. It's important to take some time to differentiate between the two to make sure our students have a solid understanding of both. Here are some of my favorite activities for teaching possessive nouns.

Fun Activities for Teaching Possessive Nouns

Differentiating between plural nouns and possessive nouns takes practice. To do this, we need to get out of the grammar books and get our students engaged. I love implementing these activities in my classroom after introducing key ideas and vocabulary with posters and anchor charts.

1. Sorting Activities

I love sorting activities because they provide a great opportunity for hands-on learning. They are also extremely versatile. 

Sorting activities like this possessive and plural nouns sort are a great way to get your students to activate their higher level thinking skills
I use them for whole-group instruction at the beginning of my lesson to introduce a topic.  After introducing the concept and definition, a hands-on, interactive sorting activity is the perfect way to provide lots of examples and practice. All you need are some noun cards (half plural nouns and half possessive nouns) and a pocket chart. 

Have students take turns choosing a card from the deck and placing them in the correct spot on the pocket chart. The activity provides the perfect opportunity for learning discussions to take place. In the beginning, I talk through why each student moves the card to the correct location.  But I slowly start to turn that explanation into questions for the students.  By the end of the activity, I'm asking each student to explain why they think their noun is possessive or plural.  

After completing the sorting activity as a class, I love to move the cards into our centers.  It makes a great chance for students to practice what they have learned while having the whole class activity to connect to.  Sorting activities are also great as a reteaching activity or small group instruction activity. The kids love sorting the cards and recording them on their answer sheets.  The more they interact with these words the easier it gets.

2. Engaging Worksheets

Teaching possessive nouns takes lots of patience and practice, practice, practice. Engaging worksheets are just what you need to really dive into that extra practice with your kids. 

Worksheets like these can be a really great way to get your students excited about learning new concepts like possessive nouns.
I like to include handouts that require them to color, cut, and glue to keep their attention and keep it more interesting. 

The practice activities have the students do more than just write the noun the correct way.  Instead, to keep students engaged and focused they complete tasks like coloring in all of the possessive nouns and then writing a sentence with each, practice making a noun possessive, and circling a sentence that uses a possessive noun. 

Adding a fun theme to the worksheets like cooking, pets, or even a holiday makes it even more fun for the kids. Worksheets are a great way to progress monitor students along the way. They even make great daily grades!

3. Games

Games just might be my favorite activity for teaching possessive nouns and they are always a favorite with the students too. You can always count on a game to be engaging, fun, and interactive. 

Turning learning into a game is a great way for your students to practice identifying possessive and plural nouns. This four in a row game is so exciting, your students will want to play it over and over.
It's super easy to take games our students love, like Four in a Row or Tic-Tac-Toe, and adapt them to whatever skill you're teaching. By using word cards, or creating a simple game board you can harness the power of games to help your students learn important skills.

Another easy game to play for teaching possessive nouns is Spin and Cover. It is a cross between Four in a Row and Bingo.  Each student will have their own game board with possessive and plural nouns. They'll take turns spinning and covering their boards. Whoever gets "blackout" first is the winner. This is always a hit in my classroom because kids always love a good competition. 

Teaching Possessive Nouns Just Got Easier

Don't all of these activities sound like fun? You are probably thinking yes, but who has time to put all of these activities together! I've got good news! I created them all for you in my Possessive Nouns resource. It includes all of these activities and more to give your students plenty of practice differentiating between plural and possessive nouns in a fun and interactive way. The unit includes:

    The activities in this engaging set are perfect for teaching possessive nouns in a sure fire way that will help your students practice and master possessive nouns in fun ways they will love.
  • Possessive noun poster
  • Possessive and plural noun sorting activity
  • Recording sheets
  • 10 No Prep Printable Practice Activities
  • Answer sheets
  • Sentence sorting activity
  • 2 spinner board games

I hope this encourages you to tackle the task of teaching this skill. I know you and your students will love these 3 activities for possessive nouns. You'll have your students mastering the skill in time at all.

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These activities for teaching possessive nouns are a sure fire way to help your students practice and master possessive nouns in fun and engaging ways they will love.

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