Fun Christmas Math Activities and Crafts

Celebrating the holiday season is so much fun in the classroom! There's a lot to do, but the kiddos are excited and everything feels more festive. With just a few weeks left before winter break, it can be hard to balance all those fun activities with meaningful, educational lessons. In my classroom, I like to blend the two together so we can celebrate Christmas while working on key skills in a fun way! To help get you started, I'm sharing a few of my favorite fun Christmas math activities and simple crafts!

Use these fun and engaging Christmas math activities and crafts in your classroom this winter.

Balancing Holiday Fun with Learning 

If you teach in the primary classroom, I'm sure you can relate to feeling overwhelmed at times. We cover a lot of information and during the busy holiday season it really adds up! With all the standards we're trying to target, it can be hard to balance learning goals with those cutesy, fun holiday activities that students love. I'm a firm believer that we can have both, it just takes some careful planning and multi-use resources! 

Use Christmas math activities like these to keep your kids engaged and excited to learn this winter.

In my room, I'm a big fan of using lessons that have a seasonal flair to them and often include a craft of some kind. These types of activities are always my students' favorites!  They allow us to get in the holiday spirit while also making sure to cover key concepts. 

At Christmas time, I love to use a couple of fun activities that focus on practicing place value. This skill requires lots of practice for first graders to master. Using festive, Christmas-themed activities is a great way to help students get plenty of practice in during the holiday season. 

Christmas Math Poke Cards

This interactive place value math center is one of my favorites to use year after year. It's very hands-on, which my first graders LOVE, and gives them plenty of place value practice, which makes me happy too! Not to mention, this center activity is filled with fun Christmas clipart to help bring on the merriment! 

To prep for this activity, I laminate the set of place value task cards. Next, I hole punch each one and mark the correct answer on the back to make this activity self-checking. To use, students will solve the problem on their card and use a thin straw or coffee stirrer to poke through the hole for their answer. 

These poke cards with a Christmas flair are the perfect self-checking activity for your students this winter.

Next, they flip the card and check to see if their answer was right! This is a great activity for center time since kiddos can check their work independently. I also provide them with recording sheets to keep track of their answers for each card. 

Christmas Number Sorting Center 

I love using sorting games to practice place value as well. During the holidays, I love this fun Christmas Sorting Center. This activity focuses on showing numbers in multiple ways. Some of the cards show expanded form, some have tens and ones' blocks, and some have objects in groups of tens and ones. 

Number sorting activities like this help students practice important skills like place value, showing expanded form, and more.

To play, I will set up the numeral cards in a pocket chart and have the children sort out the other cards to each correct numeral. To start, you can just use one set of cards. Once kiddos have the hang of it, use all the cards to create more of a challenge. I also give kiddos worksheets to go along with this activity so they can record their answers. This gives me an easy way to assess their understanding later. 

Christmas Math Number Game

Another student favorite we use in the classroom is this Decorating with Numbers Gameboard. This game can be used as an individual center activity or played with a partner. To play, students will roll a die and move their game marker that number of spaces. Then they read the number of tens and ones on the space they landed on and find a tree with the matching number in the middle of the gameboard. 

Make a game out of learning with this fun Christmas Math Number game students can play individually or with a partner.

Students repeat this until all the trees are covered. The person with the most trees covered wins! This game is a fun and festive way to work on identifying tens and ones and writing whole numerals. I tend to pull this game out on Fridays and have kiddos partner up for a quick place value review before the weekend!

Low-Prep Christmas Craft Activities

This time of year is super busy as it is, and I know the pressure we can end up feeling to have a "picture-perfect" classroom that's decorated from top to bottom. If you find the time to do this, more power to you! But, if you find yourself in an extra busy state, low-prep crafts will save the day! I love using low-prep, holiday-themed crafts during Christmas because they can be an instant, festive bulletin board display without a ton of fuss. The crafts I like to use also help kiddos continue to practice place value skills, so that's a huge added bonus as well. 

Place Value Train Crafts

In my room, I like to use a couple of train crafts that are super simple to prep. All you need to do is copy off the pages for each kiddo and then let them complete the project by coloring, cutting, and gluing down on a piece of colored construction paper. 

What's better than a fun math craft? A math craft that can do double duty as classroom decor!

We use a couple of train crafts that have kiddos work on writing numbers in expanded form. The Reindeer Train asks students to record ones, tens, and hundreds while the Elf Train focuses on ones and tens. To choose numbers for their train, you can assign them or have children roll a die. Have students fill in their numbers first, then color, cut, and glue them down to a piece of paper. These trains will make an adorable classroom display without having to plan and organize an extensive art project!

Check Out These Christmas Math Activities and Crafts

If you're looking for some simple, low-prep center activities and crafts to try in your classroom this Christmas, you can check out all of the lessons we used in The Chocolate Teacher TPT store. I love that these activities bring some festive, Christmas fun to the classroom while still helping my firsties master place value! Happy Holidays!

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Use these fun Christmas math activities and crafts to keep your students engaged and learning this winter. Whether you are looking for math games, or a learning craft, these activities are sure to be an instant favorite for you and your students. Use these activities in centers or even as partner games during indoor recess time. Your students will be practicing their math skills while having a great time. #thechocolateteacher #chocolateteacher #christmasmath #christmasactivities #christmascrafts

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