Fun June Activities for Primary Learners

Is your school still in session in June? In our school, we teach until about mid-June before we get out for summer break. This means June is an extremely busy month in the classroom! Every year, it's always a goal of mine to make those final weeks count! This is a great time to connect with your kiddos, sneak in some review before summer, and have fun! If this sounds like your goal too, come along to see this list of June activities perfect for primary learners!

Fill the month of June with June activities focusing math, ELA, and more that your primary students will love.

Choosing June Activities for the Classroom 

If you're still in session in June, it's likely the final countdown! But just because the year is almost done doesn't mean that you have to throw all learning out the window! Quite the opposite in fact. June is the perfect month to focus on reviewing and touching on all of the things you've been learning throughout the year. This also applies to summer school! If you're teaching summer sessions, you'll likely have a lot to cover in a short amount of time. When planning your June activities, you'll want to keep a few things in mind...

Choose Engaging Activities 

This is key when the final days of school are approaching. The last thing we want is for our students to check out early and lose valuable learning opportunities. Not to mention, when students aren't engaged, we tend to see more behavior problems in the classroom too! Avoid this by choosing activities that are appealing and fun for your students! 

Choosing engaging June activities will ensure you are able to keep your students attention as the summer break draws closer.

Be Mindful of Prep Time 

June is the perfect time to pull out those low-prep, classroom heroes! You're already busy planning parties, award ceremonies, classroom clean-up, and other events. Give yourself a hand and choose low-prep activities that won't take up all of your extra time. Another great idea is to enlist parent helpers. Send out a request for help in April and ask parents for additional support in May and June. When it comes time to prep your June activities, I know you'll be thankful you did! 

Review as Much as Possible 

I already mentioned this above, but it's worth stating once more! Review is key at the end of the school year. We must do everything in our power to help our students avoid the dreaded summer slide! Try to touch on most of the concepts you've covered throughout the year, especially those that you know were tricky for students! This will help set them up for success next year. 

8 June Activities Your Students Will Love! 

Alright friends, now that we've covered how to plan for your June activities, let's dive into what should be on your lesson plan! These 8 easy-to-prep activities will offer the perfect balance of engagement and review in June. Plus, the fun summer themes will make everyone smile! 

1. Summer Place Value Write the Room

By the time June rolls around, everyone in your classroom might be feeling a little restless. What better way to approach this than with Write the Room? I love using this Summer Place Value Resource in June since it offers a way to shake out the wiggles while practicing essential math concepts. 

A place value write the room activity like this is the perfect way to review place value as you kick off your June activities this year.

To use, simply hang the cards around the room, and supply students with a recording sheet. They will move from card to card and practice counting tens and ones as objects, tens frames, and base tens blocks. Then, they will record their answer on the sheet. There are 24 total cards and 3 levels of recording sheets to adjust this activity to fit the needs of your group. 

It can also be played as a Scoot! game or as a center activity as well. Laminate the cards when you prep this activity and use them year after year with freshly printed recording sheets. 

2. Daily Place Value Worksheets 

Speaking of place value, let's chat about these Daily Math Worksheets. Using daily math activities has been such a game-changer for me in the classroom. First off, it offers a daily routine that students learn to expect. This makes the mornings so much easier! Secondly, it means that we practice number sense activities every single day! 

Daily place value worksheets like these are great to add to your list of June activities and will make reviewing place value feel more like a game.

I love these daily math worksheets and use them up until the end of the year. They're also a great catalyst for our Number Talks as well! This resource comes with no-prep printables for numbers up to 250, as well as center activities you can use for small-group teaching. This resource takes the guesswork out of your place value lessons in June! 

3. Map Skills with a Camping Twist! 

Do you teach map skills to your students? If so, you'll LOVE this fun and engaging way to review them in June. This Camping Map Skills resource covers cardinal directions, map keys, and learning to read a map properly. The best part of all though, is that it uses a camping theme that is perfect for summer! Many students will likely be camping over the summer, and this resource will snag their attention easily. 

Engage your students with some fun social studies practice in your June activities with these map skills with a camping twist activities.

Included, you'll find a variety of fun activities such as 15 map skills worksheets as well as an easy-prep, 3D Map Craft. Students will love creating their own campsite map! If you're looking for more camping-themed activities to use in June, be sure to check out this post for tons of fun ideas. 

4. Summer Phonics Color By Code Activities 

Color-by-code activities are one of my favorite ways to review important skills and concepts with students. These Summer Phonics Worksheets focus on long vowels, silent letters, and diphthongs in a fun way! These pages have a bit of a twist to them, making them more engaging than traditional color-by-code activities as well. 

These summer phonics color by number June activities are a no prep option for you as you get into the last few weeks of busy end of the year activities.

To use, students will first fill in the letters for each picture. Then, they will solve the secret code to color in their picture. This extra step helps them stay focused and on task. I like to put on some calming music or ocean waves and nature sounds in the afternoon and have kiddos work on these pages independently. It's a great way for everyone to calm down and cool off after recess as they practice these phonics skills. 

5. Math and ELA Summer Mystery Puzzles 

Next on my list of fun, June activities to try are these Math and ELA Summer Mystery Puzzles. I love these because they're completely no-prep, and fun for students. Not to mention, they will help review a variety of concepts such as phonics skills, addition, subtraction, telling time, and more! 

June activities like these math and ELA summer mystery puzzles are perfect for centers in your classroom.

To use, students will cut apart their puzzle pieces and solve the problem on each one. Then, they line up the puzzle piece with the correct answer. Once they have the puzzle put together, they will be able to check and see if they are correct. A jumbled-up puzzle means something went wrong! After they correct their mistakes, if any, they can glue the pieces down, allow them to dry, and color the picture in. These come in really handy for instant center activities during the busy month of June! 

6. End of the Year Memory Book 

If your school is still in session during the month of June, I know you'll absolutely love this fun and easy keepsake! This End of the Year Memory Book will be treasured by students and their families for years to come. Best of all, it comes together quickly and easily, making it a great candidate for your June activities! 

Your June activities can be keepsakes for parents and students when you include these end of the year memory books in your list of to-do activities.

This cute and colorful lapbook allows students to keep a record of some of their favorite memories. Inside, they can include information about their school, their friends, their teacher, and favorite things they did throughout the year. There's a variety of prompts included as well as instructions for use. You'll also get some "Just for Fun" cut-and-paste worksheets that are perfect for those final days in the classroom with your students! 

7. Summer Grammar Write the Room 

This June activities round-up wouldn't be complete without at least one more Write the Room activity. As I mentioned before, they really are invaluable when it comes to keeping those kiddos engaged in the final months. Anytime I notice my kids seeming a bit restless or having trouble focusing, these are the perfect resources! 

Get out those extra wiggles by getting your students up and moving with these June activities which include summer grammar write the room activities.

This Summer Grammar Write the Room set is perfect for practicing parts of speech with your kids before the end of the year. The cards use a fun, summer theme that your kids will love and it offers a way to practice reading new, seasonal vocabulary words as well! There are so 6 different recording sheets included to allow for plenty of differentiation among your group. 

8. Summer BINGO Game 

Every classroom needs a good game of BINGO for the end of the year! This Summer Reading BINGO Game will offer yet another opportunity for your students to practice reading new vocabulary words in a fun way! They will love following along and searching their card for the summer word you call out. 

Make ELA review a game when you include these BINGO worksheets in your June activities.

We use this game quite a few times throughout the month of June, so I like to laminate the cards and calling cards so we can use them again and again. I'm always thankful to pull this game out in June and have a fun activity that's already been prepped! We use cute mini-erasers as BINGO markers to add a little more summer fun! 

Plan Your Own June Activities 

Well there you have it, friends! This is my list of fun June activities that are both engaging for students and easy to prepare! Not to mention, they will help make review simple and easy to weave into those final weeks in the classroom. You can find all of these resources and many more in my TPT Shop. Have fun planning your own June Activities! 

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Looking for fun and engaging June activities to do with your students as the weeks and days count down to summer break? Include these math, ELA, and social studies June activities in your plans for the last few weeks of school and you are sure to have kiddos excited about learning and reviewing important concepts covered throughout the school year. #thechocolateteacher #juneactivitiesforprimarystudents #juneactivitiesforelementarystudents #juneactivities

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