4 Fun and Engaging End of the Year Review Activities

The end of the year is a hectic time in the first-grade classroom! We've all found ourselves with an endless to-do list that includes test prep, graduation parties, and more during this time. If you can relate, but you're looking for ways to plan meaningful end of the year review activities, you're in luck! Today I'm sharing 4 fun and engaging end of the year review activities that are low-prep and easy to use. 

The end of the year can be hectic and stressful. Use these fun and engaging low or no prep activities to get in some important end of the year review before summer.

Keep it Simple 

If I'm being honest, "keep it simple" is my mantra all year, especially towards the end of the year. Teachers know how busy those final weeks in the classroom are, and there's no reason to make things more complicated than necessary! 

Instead of planning out brand new activities for the end of the year, use these ready to go simple end of the year review activities as you approach summer.

When it comes to selecting end of the year review activities, I'm a big fan of sticking with activities that are low-prep, fun for students, and hit on a variety of skills we've learned. In my classroom, there are a few go-to's that I return to year after year. 

1. No-Prep Review Worksheets 

Hallelujah for no-prep printables, right?! Especially during the final weeks of the school year, these are such a lifesaver. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE center activities and games too, but sometimes you just need a print-and-go option that you know will serve your students. 

That's where these 1st Grade Math and ELA Worksheets come in to save the day. These no-prep printables touch on various review activities perfect for checking student comprehension before school lets out. 

No prep worksheets like these are the perfect addition to your end of the year review activities and include all the math and ELA review your students need.

This resource includes 12 worksheets for math and 12 worksheets for ELA concepts. A wide variety of skills are covered, including vowels, blends, rhyming, addition, subtraction, comparing numbers, and more! Plus, these review pages include a fun summer theme to build excitement about that upcoming vacation!

I love to pull these out for independent practice throughout the week as well as for homework. You can also use these pages to make a summer review packet for your firsties. In the past, I've done this and offered anyone who returned it to me on the first day of school the following year a special prize! This is a great way to encourage continued practice throughout the summer and start the new school year off right!

2. Math & ELA Review Mystery Puzzles

If you know me, you probably already know how much I love using mystery puzzles! The reason is that they are another no-prep option that students genuinely love! Mystery puzzles offer the appeal of a center activity without having to spend a ton of time prepping. Just print-and-go! 

When it comes to reviewing for the end of the year, I love to use these Math and ELA Mystery Puzzles that touch on phonics, grammar, and math skills. 

Math and ELA mystery puzzles like these are perfect for your end of the year review activities and are perfect for centers, partner activities, or even review to send home with kiddos over the summer.

To use, children will cut apart the puzzle and solve each question box. Once they have their answer, they locate the correct puzzle piece that goes there. These puzzles are great for center time since they are also self-correcting. If a student chooses the wrong answer, they'll be able to tell right away since the picture will be mixed up! After their puzzle is complete, they get to color it in as well. 

I love printing a stack of these off and then pulling them out at a moment's notice when we have a few extra minutes. They're also perfect for a bell work activity to help settle your class after recess. 

3. BINGO Games 

When it comes to capturing student attention, you really can't go wrong with games! BINGO is a great game for first grade since it's easy to play and can be applied across any subject. End of the year review is a great time to pull out BINGO and play it as a class or in small groups. 

Since kiddos can get restless towards the end of the year, I'm all for using games to keep their interest and focus. As we gear up for summer vacation, I love to use this Summer Vocabulary BINGO Game. To play, students will work on reading vocabulary cards, as they are called. 

Another fun option is to use Phonics BINGO to review CVC words, blends, and digraphs before school is out for the summer. Both of these options have colored and backline BINGO cards, so they can be used in a variety of ways. 

Who doesn't love BINGO? When you mix in some end of the year review with a fun BINGO game like this, you can be sure your students will stay focused and excited to practice all of the important skills and concepts you have taught this year.

I like to laminate the colored cards and store them in a bin with fun mini erasers or BINGO chips. Then we can use them as a whole class or during small groups. The black and white version is perfect for a no-prep center game. Simply supply your kiddos with BINGO daubers or markers and let one child be the BINGO caller in each group. 

Either way, using BINGO will be a fun and engaging way to practice vocabulary words or phonics skills towards the end of the year! 

4. Phonics Review BOOM Cards 

Last but not least, you're missing out if you aren't utilizing Boom cards for the end of the year review! These Phonics Review Boom Cards are the perfect way to help your students review vowels, blends, and digraphs without prepping a thing. 

Boom cards are a simple and effective way to practice just about any skill you can imagine. I love that I can pull these out during centers; my kids are always eager to use them. Boom cards use a game format, interactive instructions, and drag-and-drop features that make them super engaging to young students. If you're new to Boom cards, be sure to check out this post to see exactly how I use them with my firsties. 

Boom Cards like these are perfect for your center activities as you are planning your end of the year review activities.

When it comes to these phonics review cards, students will listen to the audio pronunciation of each word and then drag the letters to spell it. Finally, they'll type the word out. I love that this activity offers 2 ways to practice building words on each card. As an added bonus, Boom cards are also self-correcting, so if your student gets it wrong, they'll be given another chance to try again!

Boom cards are perfect for centers, small groups, independent learning, and even homework! This activity also comes in a Google Slides version if you'd prefer that format. 

Even More End-of-the-Year Review Activities

Hopefully, you found something fun to try with your own students to sneak in some extra review! When it comes to planning end of the year review activities, remember to keep it simple! Focusing on low-prep options students enjoy is the best way to ensure your kiddos get what they need without losing your marbles! 

If you're looking for more fun end of the year review activities, be sure to pop over to my TpT Shop, where you can find fun and engaging review activities for various subjects!

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Looking for fun and engaging end of the year review activities? I've got you covered! These low or no prep activities will help you get in important math and ELA review during those last important weeks before summer break. Whether you are looking for independent work, early finisher work, group activities, center activities, or even fun review your students can practice during the summer months, these activities have it all. Grab these exciting end of the year review activities to use with your first graders before the summer months hit. They are going to love this math and ELA practice! #thechocolateteacher #endoftheyearreview #endofyearreview #firstgradereview

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