The Importance of Teaching Grammar in the Primary Classroom

Ahhh... grammar. For some of us, grammar can be one of those topics that feels extra tricky to teach. There are some confusing concepts and similar rules, and worst of all sometimes it can feel a bit... dry. Can you relate? If so, don't feel bad. At one point in my teaching career, I felt the same way. But luckily, I found my groove with grammar and you can too! Come along as we discuss the importance of teaching grammar in the primary classroom and some ways to make it more enjoyable. 

Make teaching grammar in the primary classroom easy with these tips and fun resources you and your students will love.

Why Teaching Grammar is Important 

First things first... let's talk about why this matters. I don't know about you, but once I considered why grammar is crucial to my students, I began to change my tune in teaching it. After all, once we understand the amazing benefits of a solid grammar foundation, it's much easier to get excited about teaching it! Here are a few of the highlights.

Teaching Grammar Builds Academic Confidence

You know those times when you're working in small groups and a student has that lightbulb moment? You know, when you see the smile begin to emerge across their face as they clearly grasp what you've been covering? That moment illustrates a feeling of self-confidence and accomplishment. As a teacher, it doesn't get much better than this! Especially if you're working with a kiddo that has been struggling to grasp something. 

Teaching grammar builds academic confidence and will help your students for years to come.

The fantastic thing about teaching grammar is that it allows many opportunities to build confidence in your classroom. As students learn new skills and rules, they'll be able to apply them in reading, writing, and classroom interactions. They'll grow in confidence and a sense of pride as they start applying what they've learned. And just like dominoes falling, you'll be able to watch as students build momentum and continue to grow in their skills. 

Teaching Grammar Helps Children Communicate Effectively

Grammar is essential for effective communication. This fact of life means that the more time you spend on this topic, the more likely it will be that your students are successful communicators. This will ring true in their reading and writing assignments as well as other areas. Aside from the wonderful benefits of using grammar in reading and writing, your students will learn how to expand their communication skills. Many of the grammar topics covered in the primary classroom will help students speak and write with precision and clarity! 

When you include teaching grammar in your lessons, it not only helps students read better but also helps them communicate better in the future.

Grammar Lessons Build Concentration 

Have you ever taught primary students to spot the subtle differences between possessive nouns and plural nouns? This topic requires a careful, attentive nature that will only benefit your students. As children listen carefully to your introduction, they'll have to be fully present and concentrated to apply what you've taught. I LOVE this benefit of teaching grammar because it naturally makes my students more patient and tuned into our lessons. This will serve them well over their academic careers! 

Teaching Grammar Enhances Language Comprehension

This benefit is the one most of us think of when we consider why teaching grammar is important. This is after all, why it is taught in schools! When we craft thoughtful grammar lessons for our students we're setting them up to better understand and comprehend the English language. The grammar lessons you facilitate in the primary grades will set your students up for success for many years to come! 

Make Teaching Grammar Fun and Simple 

Pretty incredible benefits, right?! I definitely think so. Once I considered these benefits, it was clear to me that my ONLY option as a teacher was to ensure that my students received a solid introduction to grammar topics. I wanted the best for them and I know you do too! 

Use resources like these to make teaching grammar easy and fun.

So the next step in this grammar puzzle is to consider how you can make this topic as fun and simple as possible to teach! These two things will ensure you actually want to teach grammar lessons week after week. And if that's not a win... I don't know what is! Here are 3 ways I ensure my grammar lessons are simple and fun.

1. Use All-in-One Teaching Materials 

Here is my number one tip to simplify your lessons and make it easier to teach grammar... use comprehensive activities. What I mean by this is that if you're careful to select resources that include materials for introduction, small groups, and independent practice they will be much easier to facilitate! 

This is actually the exact method I use in my own classroom. For example, let's take a look at this Possessive Nouns Resource. There is no denying that this is a tricky topic to teach! But, luckily, if you have the right materials, it doesn't have to be a struggle.

This posessive nouns resource is a great way to help start teaching grammar in your classroom.

Inside this resource, you'll find definition posters, sorting games, no-prep practice worksheets, and even a few games. This means that when using this resource, you'll be able to teach this topic from start to finish in multiple formats. 

In my room, we always start out with the posters to introduce the topic and then play the sorting game as a group. I can easily model the differences between possessive and plural nouns using the sorting game. Then, the game gets repurposed as a center activity along with the matching recording sheets. For extra practice, students move on to using the worksheets and games during center time. The combination of these materials as an all-in-one resource makes it super simple and easy to facilitate lessons on this topic! 

2. Mix it Up and Move! 

If you know me, you probably already know how much I love Write the Room Activities. And I mean really, what's NOT to love?! Being able to facilitate learning in a way that allows students to move around and shake out some wiggles is a big win in my book. Another reason I love these activities so much is that they tend to make "boring" topics more fun for my kiddos. 

Use a write the room resource like this to get your kids up and moving while teaching grammar.

For example, practicing common and proper nouns becomes an exciting challenge when you use a resource like this Write the Room Set. The resource uses a camping theme that students absolutely love! It's especially fun when it's completed towards the end of the year and the anticipation for summer break is high! Plus, each card features a "camping-themed word" that will snag student attention. More often than not, students forget that they are even learning! 

Another great thing about Write the Room centers is that they are super versatile. Not interested in having students move freely in the classroom right now? No problem! Try using this activity as a seated center or partner activity that your kids will love! 

3. Choose Engaging Practice Activities 

We all know that practice makes progress, but no one ever said it had to be boring! Instead of lackluster worksheets with the same old task on page after page, be intentional to choose assignments that will capture attention! In my room, we use our fair share of no-prep printables, but I've been careful to include LOTS of variety. This means I can embrace the ease of these no-prep activities without boring my kiddos to tears!

Choose exciting and engaging resources like these to help you start teaching grammar in your classroom.

A great example of this is the Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives Practice Pages resource. This resource includes 42 different pages that will be fun for students to complete! Each page presents a new challenge such as finding words hidden in a picture, cutting and pasting, or sorting. 

Since there is so much variety among these pages, I can use them to practice important skills without students checking out! This is such a lifesaver for grammar topics, which often need plenty of practice to master. 

FREEBIE to Start Teaching Grammar in Your Room 

Ready to try taking a new approach to teaching grammar in your classroom? If so, I know you'll love this FREEBIE that I created especially for teachers just like you! Grab this free grammar center game to practice nouns, verbs, and adjectives in a fun, new way! 

Grab this FREEBIE to help you start teaching grammar in your primary classroom this year.

Students will use poke cards to mark their answers, and then write them down on a recording sheet. Poke cards are a favorite in my room and I know once you get started with them, you'll be hooked too! Included in your download you get 16 poke cards and 2 different recording sheets. You even get a bonus worksheet and answer keys as well! 

Use this activity as a center game, a task for fast finishers, or an activity for your morning tubs. No matter what you decide, a game like this one makes teaching grammar enjoyable for everyone!

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